About Us

I started by making hot ginger drinks for myself during the winter of 2018.  Then spring 2019 arrives; dropped some ice into my drink and thought "Wow, this is really yummy!" I shared some with family and friends, just to share.  

Then one early morning, inspiration hit me in the head!   "Share more, but create a business!" the exact template was given, so I did it!  Started with the original GGG, then inspired to make 2 more flavours and share some more!  Fast forward to February 2020 and here we are, a business!!  March 2020, saw the birth of GGG with beetroot and July 2020, GGG with carrot.  "What's next?", I hear you cry, well God knows, watch this space!

Goodness Gracious Ginger is a brand that prides itself on boosting your immune system with freshly juiced, delicious ingredients!

Goodness Gracious Ginger values the well-being of community and has a continued mission to give back.  A percentage of all proceeds is donated to a charity!

Exciting times!!